About Me

Nine years ago I met the love of my life…it just so happens that he’s a bratwurst-eating, beer-drinking, pretzel-twisting, extraordinarily good-looking German.  This star-crossed love means that at 26-years old, I find myself playing Hausfrau (house wife) in a quaint apartment in Dessau, Deutschland.  All the while, I’m struggling to push my German-speaking skills beyond a 3rd grade level so that I can finally put my American university degrees to use.  With my Aufenhaltsgenehmigung in hand (an intimidating but very real word for “permanent resident visa”) I bravely face life as an ex-pat in a foreign land.  Germany, with no doubt, is an incredible country!  My blog attempts to capture its beautiful, charming, perplexing, and sometimes, just-plain-weird culture from the perspective of a young American excited to jump into this new adventure!   My experiences recorded in this blog aren’t meant to offend, generalize, or stereotype Germany and its people, rather they are meant to display the attempts of a red-blooded American to integrate into a new culture…no matter how clumsy and humorous those attempts may be!  Laugh with me, laugh at me, and enjoy!



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